Rare Site of Recurrence in HPV-associated Head & Neck SCCa A Case Report of Orbital Recurrence of a p16+ SCCa of the Oropharynx after Definitive chemoradiation

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Lester A. Co, M.D


HPV-associated OPSCC is shown by several prospective and retrospective studies to have a superior outcome after treatment with definitive radiation, chemoradiation or surgery when compared with their non-HPV associated counterparts. HPV-positive disease was also associated with a longer interval to distant metastases than HPV-negative disease, but patients with HPV-positive disease tended to have distant metastases to sites that are atypical for OPSCC. Loco-regional failure is even rarer for this disease entity. Here, we report a case of a locoregionally advanced p16+ SCCa of the oropharynx who had an orbital recurrence after receiving definitive chemoradiation. 

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CO, Lester A.. Rare Site of Recurrence in HPV-associated Head & Neck SCCa. Philippine Radiation Oncology Society, [S.l.], aug. 2018. Available at: <https://research.pros.org.ph/index.php/pros/article/view/19>. Date accessed: 15 june 2021.